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Jorris Verboon paintings and illustrations
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Exhibitions and adventures

This february an unpresedented event took place at GO Gallery in Amsterdam. No less than 130 artists...

Two good friends Ivo Meijer and Marije Bettenhausen honored me with the request to make a birth card...

Some time ago I announced to start selling some new pieces on my site but I found out the shop was n...

  For a nice afternoon of painting with some of my boys we took off to the East side of Amsterd...

In 2015 brewer Grolsch is 400 years old. Tot celebrate this anniversary the company brought together...

The rain and the cold had already hit The Netherlands when Reggie and I, still full of summer energy...

This piece perticularly focuses on a harsh and sudden change in my life. As the consectetuer adipis...

Jorris Verboon

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Jorris Verboon lives and works in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) as an illustrator. Eventhough there are some examples of his editorial work displayed on this site, the main focus here is his free work. In his paintings and drawings Jorris’ illustrative technique is manifest, but the themes examine a completely different field. Read more about the artist and his work.